How A Mature Man Couldn’t Control His Urge Even In BRT Standing Queue

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Ok, This happened right before my eyes inside BRT yesterday..I just got back from church and decided to take a BRT bus from Cele to Ikotun..During rush hours like Say between 6:30 a.m-12pm/ 2pm-7:30pm, The regular buses hype their fare from #100 to about 300 naira…… gets really annoying that many people wud rather queue for hours , waiting for BRT buses that charges a constant fare of 50 naira…….This being the case, most times, u can find like 2 sections of people waiting for the BRT bus…The Standing and the Sitting section , with each section containing like 200 n more people respectively (No jokes oh)Depending on the time and location…..E.g Oshodi-Apapa and back BRT Stands, Cele-Ikotun stands etc…..

When I got to the BRT stand, I decided to join the standing Queue that seemed to have lesser number of people… By the time it got to my turn, The bus was so full to the Brim…..A standard BRT bus can take about 45 sitters and then say 49 standers..NB: (Its the loaders and drivers that choke up the bus Cus they get to share the fare from the standers hence the more standers, the more money to share per time)….. You can now imagine how choked up the bus was but I still insisted I must enter the Bus…I had to struggle my way into the bus interior to find a reasonable place to stand, even though other passengers kept saying “No Space, Where u dey go?, Oti Kun” etc……. Finally, One good Samaritan man Cleared a Space in front of him for me and I thanked him and entered.Little did I know that this man was on heat and needed to express his Libido.

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The bus moved almost immediately and the next thing o, this man started taking advantage of portholes……When we get to a porthole which wud always make the bus stagger, this man wud just thrust forward without conrol and hit me with his pelvic region…Ah ah!, Initially mehn!, I said to my self ” Na the port Hole they cause am “…Each time, I was doing my best to create space between us but the man somehow use porthole excuse to close the gap…in like few mins to our journey, I realized that this man no longer had a flat Pelvis oh!, it was now a growing Protrusion.Henh!, That was when I decided I’m migrating Mbok!. I bin want shout for am but I remembered he was the one who offered me space so I just jejely pushed my way to his back…..He turned and looked at me n I maintained my cool to avoid drama…..I left the girl that was in front of Me at his mercy and I was watching from behind…


I pity the girl o, cause there was traffic….After like 30 secs, he closed the gap I left and started devouring this mumu girl way no notice…….I was watching his body language…After some time he started shaking and sweating , That was the moment……He Ejaculated….Gross!!!!…..He then crossed one of his leg on the other so the Liquid wudnt fall and people wudnt notice….That was when I saw the wet patches on his jeans …….One old mama and another girl also noticed but we just laughed and faced our journey………….How Shameless!!!!!

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