Pretty Lady Weds Her Physically-challenged Boyfriend In Wheelchair (photos)

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A woman took to Twitter to share photos of her wedding day after she tied the knot to her bae, who was left paralysed from the waist down after a car accident.

On October 27, a lady, who has been identified by her Twitter handle as PullMyy_Dreadzz, took to social media to share pics of her wedding day. However, the message she shared along with the images received praise from social media users.

Instead of spending all their money of a wedding ceremony, @PullMyy_Dreadzz and her hubby decided to pay for her to get an education.

See Tweeted;

“So yesterday I married my best friend. We were going to have a huge wedding but decided to do something with just us. Instead of a expensive wedding we decided to use the money to put me through school to become a RN. Why invest in a moment when we can invest in our future. #Love” She revealed.



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my name is owuzoh joseph fair in complexion studying mathematics in the university of benin uniben
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